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Serious International crime operations don’t occur in tinpot little towns like Llangwelli. Or, do they?

It’s late evening when the Regional Control Centre receives a mysterious 999 call. No-one speaks, but the call location is somewhere along a narrow, hardly used tree-lined stretch of road that leads nowhere.

Norman and boss DI Sarah Southall came to Llangwelli on the understanding crime was very much small time, but perhaps that’s what they’re supposed to think.

A Body In The Lane is the third book in the Rejoiner series. If you prefer your crime stories delivered with a lighter touch, you’ll love this latest offering.

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A Body In The Stable is book four in The Rejoiner Series. 

Norman has been invited to a wedding at a big country house. He isn’t keen on weddings, but when the company’s right, there are some offers you just can’t refuse. Little does he know there’s a surprise awaiting all the guests…

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