Gripping mysteries that twist and turn!

Having spent most of his life trying to be the person everyone else wanted him to be, P.F. (Peter) Ford was a late starter when it came to writing. Having tried many years ago (before the advent of self-published ebooks) and been turned down by every publisher he approached, it was a case of being told ‘now will you accept you can’t write, and get back to work’. But then a few years ago, having been unhappy for over 50 years, Peter decided he had no intention of carrying on that way.

Fast forward a few years and you find a man transformed. Having found a partner, Mary, who believes dreamers should be encouraged and not denied, Peter wrote his first novella series in 2013. Called the Alfie Bowman Novellas, one story in this series needed a detective, and along came a character called Dave Slater. The following year, Peter and Mary moved to Wales and married, and Slater’s first outing was published. The rest, as they say, is history!

In his first novel, Death of A Temptress, Slater was joined by new colleague Norman Norman. This first book spawned the increasingly popular Slater & Norman Mystery series which celebrated the release of it’s fourteenth and final book, The Invisible Man, in March 2019.

A Body on The Beach launched a new “Rejoiner” series in 2020, followed bye two more books in 2021 and 2022. Then in November 2022 Joffe Books republished these three books under the new series name “The West Wales Murder Mysteries”. The series currently (Jan 2024) consists of five books.

Furture projects include more West Wales Murder Mysteries, the republishing of the Slater & Norman series by Joffe Books, at least one more Donald & Gamble book, and the return of Dave Slater, plus several other ideas Peter hopes to develop.

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