A Body Under The Bridge

A lonely widower. A body in a stream. An impossible puzzle. It’s an ordinary Tuesday morning when pensioner Alun Edwards turns up at Llangwelli station. He doesn’t want to make a fuss but he’s worried about his friend Gareth. Every Monday, they meet up for a game of chess. But Gareth wasn’t at home yesterday. […]

A Date With Death

Previously published as I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW this book is a prequel to the bestselling West Wales Murder Mysteries. Detective Sarah Southall is back at work after six months’ maternity leave — and is immediately plunged into a gruelling murder case. A young woman is found strangled to death in her flat. The only […]

A Body in the Cottage

A battered body. A missing handbag. A false confession? The call comes on Monday afternoon. About to demolish a row of derelict cottages, workmen discover a body in the bedroom of Number 9. A young woman, expensively dressed in designer clothes. It’s a mystery what she was doing there. She’s been badly beaten. But with […]

A Body At The Farmhouse

It’s not how a groom would expect to find his bride on their wedding day — hanging in the stables at the idyllic farmhouse where they were due to pledge till death do us part. Detective Norman is puzzled. There’s no reason why a vibrant, successful young woman would take her own life on her […]